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Mike Feibus, is President and Principal Analyst of FeibusTech, an independent market research firm in Scottsdale, Arizona. A long-time tech industry analyst, Feibus (pronounced FY-bus) has been providing insight for more than a dozen years on the markets for mobile clients, wearables and the Internet of Things. He is a regular columnist for USA TODAY’s Tech section and Fortune. Most recently, his focus has been on the emerging ecosystem of technology for providing continuous care to chronic care patients and, eventually, everyone.


What is IBN?

October 21st, 2019|0 Comments

It’s starting to look like 2019 will be remembered as the year people stopped asking, “what is intent-based networking?” and started saying “I need intent-based networking.” In case you’re still asking, intent-based networking, or IBN, [...]

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The new Venu Sq, @Garmin's 1st entry-level #Smartwatch, starts at $200 ($250 w/ @Spotify, @Deezer #music storage). My analysis next week in @usatodaytech, w/ all the latest models from @Apple, @fitbit, @Huawei, @Samsung & more! Stay tuned. #DigitalHealth #FitnessDay @USATODAY

It's true: #videoconferencing fatigue is real! Scientific evidence, @Microsoft CEO @satyanadella sez, that @MicrosoftTeams Together Mode reduces fatigue on participants over the Brady Bunch-style grid view. #MSIgnite @MicrosoftARC #futureofwork #WFH #COVID19

The @Microsoft @Azure Orbital gives new meaning to #CloudComputing service with this knee-weakening picture of smoke from the #CaliforniaWildfires swirling into #weather patterns. At #MSIgnite. #HybridCloud @MicrosoftARC

The @Microsoft stack - it's not just for #FlightSimulator2020 anymore! CEO @satyanadella tells #MSIgnite audience that in the age of #Covid_19, your #tech intensity is a key determinant of success. @Azure @MicrosoftARC #edgecomputing #hybridmulticloud

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