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Attention Tablet Shoppers


The battle lines between tablet vendors were so clear a year ago. Heading into the holiday season, suppliers for the most part believed that consumers wanted either a 7-inch tablet or a 10-inch tablet. This year, though, they’re offering one of each.

Apple and Amazon, two of the more visible champions for 10-inch and 7-inch devices, respectively, have since come to appreciate the other’s perspective, as they’ve rounded out their 2012 holiday lineups with tablets targeting the other’s wheelhouse. But why? Do they view size as a matter of taste, as it is with mobile phones and motor vehicles? Or do they think that the same consumers want both?

I’m here to tell you that before long, you’ll want one of each — even if you don’t right now. And tablet makers who don’t understand that emerging dynamic today will figure it out soon enough.

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A Month on the Surface


When my pre-ordered Surface tablet arrived, as promised, on October 26th, my editor suggested I journal my first week with the new device.

Great idea. Unfortunately for her, it was me she chose to run with it.

So, a few delays. No problem.  I told myself that if she liked the idea of one week with Microsoft’s new tablet, then she’d love a column about my first two weeks with Surface. Right?

Now I’ve spent a month on the Surface. My editor may not be too thrilled that I deviated from the “one week in” concept — but Microsoft should be. Because during the first week, I wanted to throw the tablet out the window. And now I kind of like it.

Why the huge swing in perception?

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