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Ballmer Couldn’t See the Desktop For the Tiles


It should come as no surprise that Steve Ballmer is out as Microsoft CEO. The company’s vision for client computing is miserably off base, and that’s on him. How could he have blessed such a misguided strategy for client devices?

On Ballmer’s watch, Microsoft rolled out Windows 8, a product that is destined to go down as one of the most colossal missteps in computing history. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it morph one day into a verb for undermining your own product. Like, for example, “the way they eight their core product like that, it’s no wonder they went belly up.”

Any first-year b-school student would tell you that Microsoft disregarded the basic tenets of business expansion with Windows 8. Find out how and why HERE.

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Whither EBay


Regardless of whether it decides to spin off PayPal, what’s left for eBay, a company that matched the perfect item with faraway buyers now that consumers are demanding it here and now?

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