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White Paper: OmniShield Technology


Internet-of-Things visionaries see possibility. And so do cyber thieves. Because the more connected systems, the more potential pathways there are to the valuable data they’re chasing.

Fortunately, system(s)-on-chip designers have a new and promising set of technologies to tackle this escalating problem. It’s called OmniShield from Imagination Technologies. OmniShield is an on-chip security architecture comprised of hardware and software technologies from Imagination. It gives engineers the power to isolate systems, assign resources, and also to police communications between systems using a pool of hardware-enforced firewall features.

Read all about OmniShield, and what it can do for your chip designs in a new white paper produced by TechKnowledge Strategies in association with Imagination Technologies.

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At CES: New Devices Aim to Put the Smart in Smartwear


I’ve exceeded the step goal that my smartwatch set for me all but four days this month. So that’s good, right?

I suppose so. Except that my average daily step count fell more than 15 percent this month from November, when I missed the daily goal only once. So that means this month’s activity level is bad?

Maybe. I don’t know. Honestly, after 24 months and more than 6 million steps recorded by about a dozen different trackers and smartwatches, the only thing I’m sure of is this: I am now two years older than when I started.

If you’re the proud owner of one of the 80 million wearables shipped this year, then you’re no stranger to this sort of head-scratching.  Really, unless you’re a fitness fanatic, the stream of step counts and goal-beating atta-boy’s from these devices don’t seem much more pertinent to your overall health and wellbeing than fantasy football alerts.

Mercifully, 2016 will bring a new generation of wearables and apps worthy of the “smart” tag. Rather than simply spewing tallies culled from built-in sensors, they hope to hold your interest and avoid the sock drawer by delivering relevant insight and timely wellness advice. The first wave of this new breed will begin rolling out next week at CES in Las Vegas, where I’ll be moderating a panel for the industry on user interfaces for next-generation wearables.

Read on to see what you have to look forward to. Find my entire USA TODAY column HERE.

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Inside Information: The Key to a Healthier You


What if I told you I had inside information that could make you happier, healthier and live longer? What would that be worth to you?

Quite a lot, no doubt. But the truth is, I don’t have that inside information. You do.

Don’t worry. It’s not some clandestine, Wall Street-style piece of insider information. Everyone knows you have it. And it’s perfectly legal to exploit it for your own benefit.

I’m talking about your genome sequence. Your genetic makeup. It’s located inside your body’s cells. And it holds a treasure trove of answers crucial to your well-being.

“I can give you guidance on things you should be doing, things you should avoid, drugs that may be effective,” Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Dell’s chief medical officer, told me. “I can extend your life by eight years and I can make the quality of those years better. And that’s just based on what we know from genome sequences today.”

Read my entire USA TODAY Tech column HERE:

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