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CBS Overnight America: ‘Snake Oil’ Takes to the Radio


I sat down with CBS Overnight America’s Jon Grayson to discuss simmering tensions between healthcare and tech, Google’s smartphone aspirations AirBNB’s skyrocketing valuation and Amazon’s ongoing efforts to help you buy stuff – from them. Enjoy!


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It’s Not Snake Oil – It’s Science!


If there was a wearable that could alert you and your doctor if you were in danger of having a heart attack, would you want it?

I sure would. But apparently, not everyone feels the same way.

Take Dr. James Madara, CEO of the American Medical Association, for example. Last weekend, he took time to rant about how technology is overrunning healthcare in his speech at the AMA annual meeting in Chicago.

“From ineffective electronic health records (EHR), to an explosion of direct-to-consumer digital health products, to apps of mixed quality,” Madara said, according to his prepared remarks. “This is the digital snake oil of the early 21st century.”

Did he really just say that?

Read what I have to say about that in my column in USA TODAY Tech HERE.

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Podcast: EHR, Remote Patient Monitoring and Precision Medicine


Mike Feibus talks with Eric Michaels of the eHealth Radio Network on the state of EHR in the US, and the future of remote patient monitoring and precision medicine.

“So many technologies, coming into their own all at once,” Mike told Eric. “The sky’s really the limit.”

Listen to the entire broadcast here:

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The Microsoft Word of Sleep


I love the basic features of the new Nox Smart Sleep Light. It lulls you to sleep with calming tones and serotonin-inducing hues, and gently wake you up in the morning. I haven’t gotten my arms around many of the smart features. And maybe I never will. In that way, it’s like the Microsoft Word of Sleep.

I originally wrote the review for Read it in its entirety on LinkedIn Here.

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