Qualcomm Life Connect16: Balancing Data Security & Data Fluidity


by Julie McClure

Can researchers shock us out of our drug habit? It’s an intriguing question that has been drawing more investment lately. Google and GlaxoSmithKline is one of the growing number of ventures cropping up in the exciting new frontier of biolectronic medicine. Mike Feibus recently wrote about it in his latest column in USA TODAY. Much of the biolectronics efforts focus on vagus nerve stimulation, or VNS. It has been used for decades to treat seizures and depression. Researchers are looking at VNS to help people recover from injury and illness as well as prevent a growing list of mental and physiological maladies. We’ve also just released a new FeibusTech research brief on the bioelectronics in association with Nervana, a startup that makes a wellness VNS device that uses electrical signals to stimulate the vagus nerve where it passes by the ear canal. Download Vagus Nerve Stimulation: The Secret to Nervana HERE. Qualcomm Life Connect16: Balancing Data Security & Data Fluidity

Balancing fluidity and security in digital health is a Catch-22. You need the data to be fluid. The more fluid the data, the more valuable. Unfortunately, the more fluid the data, the more exposed it becomes. So how to balance the two?

Learn more. Watch my security keynote and panel from Qualcomm Life’s Connect16, held Sept 30-31 in San Diego, CA.