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MicroSoft Rising


So let me get this straight: developers can now pull their iOS and Android apps straight into the Windows platform, and even enhance them with the latest Windows 10 features? That’s right?

Yes, right. Oh, and by the way, some of those new features in Windows – as well as in Office and Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform – are pretty cool.

If it’s as easy as Microsoft says it is, then developers undoubtedly will bring their latest apps to the Windows platform en masse. Why wouldn’t they?

Make no mistake, Microsoft is bouncing back from the Windows 8 abyss. Read all about it in my USA TODAY column HERE.

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Real-Time MRI Analysis? Believe It! Intel, Siemens Collaborate on AI


At Intel’s broad #datacentric unveiling event in San Francisco last week, Siemens and Intel unveiled new artificial intelligence technology that results in real-time analysis of three-dimensional cardiac MRI data – without the need for costly, specialized hardware. The development could help make cardiac MRI accessible to far more patients.

Read more in my latest LinkedIn post HERE.

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