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Updates in Sight & Sound: Two New Video Reviews


Two new gadget reviews posted this week on my YouTube channel. In the first, I evaluate PureCam, a full-featured and aggressively-priced new dash cam from PureGear. And in the second, I have a listen to Jabra’s new Elite 85h, its first foray into the premium over-ear headphone market. It goes toe-to-toe with the big names in this segment, and still has some nice surprises in store.

Check out both videos – and enjoy!

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Alexa, Why Don’t My Smart Speakers Get Along?


The number of homes in the US with multiple Amazon Alexa-enabled devices more than doubled last year. Which means more of us are getting the picture that the smart speakers don’t share their sandboxes very well.

Fortunately, help may be on the way. A recent acquisition suggests Amazon understands the problem – and is putting the technology in place to overcome it.

Find out how. Read my recent column in the Tech section of USA Today HERE.

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Tracking UnitedHealthcare’s Digital Transformation


In my interview with Rebecca Madsen, UnitedHealthcare’s Chief Consumer Officer, we discuss digital transformation and how the nation’s largest private health insurer makes it easier for members to navigate the system and stay engaged with their own health.

— Interview sponsored by Pypestream

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